Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

Our week, according to Instagram :

 photo photo14_zps0d9feb18.jpg

Finished up celebrating Annie B's birthday! 

 photo photo1_zps94e326d5.jpg

Spent a morning of celebration & relaxation by kidnapping this lady (one of my best Utah gals, Becky ) for a birthday treat at the spa, courtesy of her sweet husband!

 photo photo2_zps1fce495b.jpg

 photo photo4_zps4864b8fa.jpg

 photo photo5_zps6a4856ff.jpg

 photo photo3_zps5ad2d260.jpg

 photo photo7_zps6a21fd3a.jpg

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We spent another fun-filled weekend in Park City with my mom & dad!
We have been SO spoiled having them visit between all of the fun activities, amazing food, & help with Annie - they even kept her for two extra days so that Blake & I could have a break & enjoy some time to ourselves :)

I love, love, love this cozy mountain town - even though it's right in our backyard it feels completely different from our desert valley.

I would move there if you have any job contacts send them our way!

 photo photo8_zps8af11021.jpg

Annie and her best bud Makayla (Annie calls her KK) at the zoo!

 photo photo13_zps52429b2c.jpg

 photo photo12_zpsf5239d8a.jpg

A few more zoo pics!

 photo photo9_zpsbac39457.jpg

 photo photo11_zpse23edb90.jpg

 photo photo10_zpsa114ac41.jpg

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