Saturday, July 5, 2014

Aspen Grove - 2014

Every other summer we have the opportunity to attend Aspen Grove with the entire immediate Romney family. While this isn't "THE" Sacred grove, it is most definitely a sacred and treasured time for us to be with parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. It is a place that has our hearts and holds many memories with hopefully many more to come!

The best part is, hands down, watching the kids interact with one another. Childhood is such a magical time and I feel grateful for any moment that these Romney cousins can spend enjoying it together!

I am in exactly zero of these pictures - GAH!
Next time remind me how important it is that I step out from behind the camera!

Here are some photos highlighting our time there :

 photo AG9_zpsba5kyufv.jpg

 photo AG15_zpsqvmhw4fp.jpg

 photo AG19_zpsicnmzgnj.jpg

 photo AG22_zpsuqt6ey0i.jpg 

 photo AG49_zpsigh9jxie.jpg

 photo AG56_zpsvbqo069l.jpg 

 photo AG60_zpsy2v9uxto.jpg

 photo AG39_zpslrt0oejy.jpg
 photo AG99_zps0jyh6q9x.jpg 

 photo AG110_zpskdxmtnbn.jpg 

 photo AG132_zpsn51w1use.jpg 

 photo AG133_zpsa4wc4ujo.jpg

 photo AG130_zpska0bslty.jpg

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