Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

This week I started a  " Wednesday Words of Wisdom " post for The Impeccable Pig's blog , and I really liked the idea , so I thought I'd bring it over here as well.


There is so much more that I would like to do with this blog .
There are so many moments that I feel inadequate .
Every day , I wish I was more productive .

This quote really helps remind me to stay positive , to be happy ,
and to shine , no matter what . Even on days when I don't feel like it .
Because someone is always watching .

I hope to teach Annie what this quote suggests .
True beauty comes from the inside - out .
We create beauty through out attitudes , behaviors , and actions.

Keep your head up y ' all .

- e

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Year


My baby is one year old .
And in just one year , she has brought me a lifetime of joy .

I think about the day that she arrived , two weeks past her due date , after 26 hours of labor .
With Blake by my side we welcomed this beautiful baby girl , in a slightly more dramatic fashion than we had originally planned , and we were nervous that it was a sign of things to come .

But Annie is one of those babies that you hear about . . .the ones that you doubt exist .
The baby that is flexible .The baby that doesn't fuss .
The baby that is always happy . That smiles all the time .
The baby that makes it way to easy on you your first time around and fools you into thinking that you really have this parenting thing down .

I think of all the big moments .
Her birth . Her blessing . Meeting her friends and family .
Her first Halloween and Christmas .
Her first trip to the ER .
The first time she crawled .
The first time she went swimming .
When she said " hi " to her Daddy .
The first time she said " Mama ".

And I think of all the smaller moments .
Snuggling with me in the mornings .
Listening to her laugh as her Daddy tosses her around on the bed .
Teaching her to give kisses , hugs , and to find her nose .
Watching her suck her thumb as she sleeps .
Laughing as she " tries on " her clothes , sticks out her little tounge , and bobs her not-so-little head .
Watching her pure joy while she rides a carousel .
Seeing her squeal with delight when she sees a doggie .
Reading books with her and letting her flip the pages .

Every moment that I spend with Annie and Blake are the best of my life .
They make me better .
And it's only the beginning .

Here are some photos from her big day :

( out on the boat ! )

( so excited for her party to start ! )

( look at all her gifts ! what a lucky girl ! )

( the whole spread . a big thank you to my parents for hosting at their lakehouse )


( her sweet cake came from Society Bakery in Dallas )
( Ooooo . . . I want that ! )

( are you sure I'm allowed to eat this ? )

( Oh yeah , that's what I'm talkin' about ! )

I love you , my baby girl .

- e



We're back! I cannot believe that the month of July has already come and gone .
We had been planning and looking forward to the events of this month for over a year , and how quickly it all went by.

Unfortunately , at this point in my life I am the world's worst picture taker , so I really have very few pictures of our travels from last month , but let me assure you , we were B . U . S . Y .
and every moment was incredible .

( from Aspen Grove - we wore Mexican shirts in honor of the Romneys mission location )

Here is a quick recap :

Week 1 - We headed to Dallas . Blake's parents came home . We celebrated Annie's first birthday at my parent's lakehouse , as well as the Romneys' homecoming .

Week 2 - Back to Utah . Worked , worked , worked on the house .

Week 3 - Aspen Grove with the Romney Family !

Week 4 - The Romney clan came back to our house here in Utah and helped us paint , went to weddings , family reunions , and enjoyed one another .

Week 4 - McDaniel Family Reunion in New Mexico . Traveled from there to Arizona for the blessing of our sweet nephew Tate . Flew home for one day of R & R before my parents arrived for their five week stay in Park City !

( We spent a lot of time in the van ! Annie was such a trooper . She blew me away with how flexible she was in all of the chaos of this month . How did we get so lucky ? )

It's good to be home . . . if only for a few days ! 

This weekend we head to San Fransisco with our dear friends !
Our first trip just adults . My parents have graciously offered to watch Annie for us .

Needless to say , this Mama is a little nervous to be away from my sweet baby for 4 whole days , but I know it is a necessary step , and I'm really looking forward to our trip ! 

- e