Friday, August 2, 2013

Bloggers I Love : Wildflowers Photography

 photo airstream12_zpsd7a901e5.jpg

So remember the post I did at the beginning of the week about my new airstream dream?
Well Joy of Wildflowers Photography is actually doing it!

She, her husband, and her four children are traveling around the country via trailer for the next year.
Not sure I'd be up for quite that long of a trek, but her photos leave me inspired and hopeful for future family road trips.

 photo airstream13_zps72c5549d.jpg
 photo airstream20_zpsac7b0ada.png
 photo airstream22_zps3d0574e5.png
 photo airstream23_zps9e4b8229.png
 photo airstream21_zps38d3c0b2.png

 photo airstream11_zps4817b590.jpg

 photo airstream15_zpsdfe0aa9c.jpg

 photo airstream17_zps6976dd2b.jpg

 photo airstream16_zps42518de1.jpg

Dream it, love it, live it.
Love the simplicity, the whimsy, the sanctuary.
You can follow Joy and her adventures, here.

- e

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