Monday, July 29, 2013

Dare to Dream

 photo airstream_zpsc7bde085.jpg
I grew up in a traveling family.
I have been lucky enough to visit many incredible places & see some amazing things starting at a very young age.

Until I met my husband, I was also part of a family that pretty much strictly traveled by airplane. We took maybe two driving vacations total. And yet, I remember always wishing we could just rent a big RV & hit the road - it seemed like the ultimate adventure to me.

Now as an adult that dream has gone to a whole new level.
Lately all I can think about is renovating and traveling in an airstream or very cool old school trailer.

I mean seriously, how cool would it be to have before & after photos that looked like this :

 photo airstream14_zps2acacda0.jpg
Of course I'm certain I am enjoying the romanticized version of this in my head much more than I would reality. I have this idea that when you enter this trailer it's as though you are entering another world that is full of simplicity, coziness, & complete togetherness.

Never mind that Blake & I can barely hang pictures on a wall without starting a marital war.
Let's not talk of lack of space, electronic devices, running water, or the fact that after a few hours my children would likely be screaming and I would be pulling my hair out.
No I prefer the dream, thank you.
And did I mention that I've also never been camping?
But I think if I did it, this would certainly be my preferred method.
We all have "pipe dreams" - what are yours?
- e


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