Friday, July 26, 2013

Annie's Second Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Annie's second birthday with a little Saturday morning brunch .
It was such a fun day & was made so special by the family & friends who were able to be there , though there were definitely many who were missed !

This party was basically one giant DIY project & I had such fun putting it together !

Check it out !

*sources & other info at the bottom of the page 
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 photo bday4_zpsa89adcd2.jpg

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I made this wreath out of coffee filters! I followed this tutorial from the blog Lolly Jane.

 photo bday16_zpsfde55a9e.jpg

The burlap and doily bunting was another DIY courtesy of Lolly Jane, here.

 photo bday28_zpscf12bcc3.jpg

 photo bday15_zps674fa493.jpg

 photo bday24_zpsfdf1a974.jpg

 photo bday25_zps744930ec.jpg

 photo blog4_zpse7d6949a.jpg

 photo blog5_zpsa2c0e642.jpg

 photo blog3_zps8976713c.jpg

 photo bday10_zps9c461ad6.jpg

These flowers were also made from coffee filters. I sort of modified this tutorial, here . Obviously I did not dye mine - I used regular coffee filters for the white & organic coffee filters for the brown.

 photo bday26_zps80253836.jpg

 photo bday27_zps7bebfb7c.jpg

As favors, we gave out these recipe cards that I designed with an attached cookie cutter so you can cut your French toast into fun shapes!
 photo recipecard_zps848ca3e5.jpg

And here are some pics of the B-Day Girl!

 photo Bday1_zps21968bad.jpg

 photo bday2_zps68f69a82.jpg

 photo bday3_zps8a2df6e6.jpg

Here are some fun facts from Miss Annie now that she's TWO :

My nicknames are : Annie-Bananie, Annie B, & Ann-Bannan .

 My favorite foods are : turkey, pickles, cheese, tomatoes, berries, grapes, juice, yogurt, "mac-y" & "chicken nugs". I also like fruit snacks, chocolate chip Fiber One Bars,
M&Ms, & suckers as special treats .

My favorite shows are : Barney, Little Einsteins, Calliou, Super Why, Doodlebops, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Scout & Friends, & The "Neigh Neigh" Videos .

My favorite songs to sing & dance to are : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,  If You're Happy & You Know It, Hokey Pokey, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping , Do As I'm Doing, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, You Are My Sunshine, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, ABCs, Raindrops, & Five Little Monkeys .

My favorite books are : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Other Nursery Rhymes , Clifford Books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Goodnight Moon, Bunny's Noisy Book, The Potty Book, Petunia, & The Annie Book . 

I've learned so much : I know all the letters of the alphabet & some of their sounds , I can count to 15, I know my colors, animals & their sounds , & I love to read books to myself . I can also put on my own shoes & buckle my car seat .

I can spell my first name & I know that my full name is
Annie Lynn Romney.

I love : trains, driving, painting, coloring, reading, chalk, cooking in my kitchen, swimming, dollies & babies,  animals - especially bunnies & doggies, bath time, dancing, holding hands, my grandparents & aunts & uncles & cousins - immediate & beyond , going to the park - the slides & swings are my favorite, kissing owies, playing on the dinosaurs with "KK", pillows & blankies, & bubbles . 

I am a little addicted to the iPad.
I call it the "IP".

I still suck my thumb .

Everyone says I look just like my daddy, but I look just like my mommy's baby pictures too .

I am an observer, memorizer, thinker, & solver.
I am very sensitive & tentative.
I love to tell stories & I think I'm very silly .

That all seems like so much and yet I know there is more!

We love you our little Annie Lynn - everything that you are
and everything that you will be .

- e  

Some other sources & FIYs :

- The "A" & "2" are both from Hobby Lobby .
- All burlap (I just purchased a yard or two) & twine used for bunting, wrapping the cupcake stand, wrapping the silverware, & for topping the mason jars were also from Hobby Lobby .
- The hearts used on the cake topper & cinnamon buns were created with glitter scrapbook paper, mini wood skewers, & hot glue - all from Hobby Lobby . I created a heart template to make hearts.
- The flags used on the quiche were made from a strip of glitter washi tape from Hobby Lobby and were wrapped around mini wood skewers, then cut on the ends .
- Organic coffee filters were purchased from Target (I had a hard time finding these!).
- Regular coffee filters were purchased from Walmart, although they also have them at the dollar store.
- The cupcake (or in this case quiche) stand, mason jars, & all doilies were purchased at Walmart .
- Straws were purchased from Pioneer Party in Lehi .
- The crate was leftover from another project & was bought at Michaels . I painted it white .
- The invitations (adding that picture soon!), labels, & recipe cards were created by me .
- Annie's dress is from Carter's (a gift from her Aunt Brittani!!)


  1. Amazing! I love all your decorations, so cute! I can cook all the food for my kids birthday parties, but I suck at the decorating part. I like the idea of giving out a recipe and cookie cutter for part favors.

    Annie is so pretty!

  2. It's perfection, Erika! And what a sweet, smart, darling girl Annie is! So big!

  3. Hope it's okay we pinned your display- it is so sweet! Your little Annie is precious and looks like she enjoyed all the darling details you put into her party (: xoxox

  4. Love this party set-up! I'm planning my little's 2nd birthday and this is exactly the color palette I'm going for! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! As you can tell I am the world's worst at updating my blog - I'm currently planning Annie's 3rd birthday and am hoping to use that as a jump start to blogging more frequently! If you have any questions about any sources or anything that I DIY'd please feel free to ask! Thanks for looking!