Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wed. Words of Wisdom

Ok seriously - this needs to be my mantra .

In starting this blog I'm honestly not quite sure what direction I want to take it in yet .
Will it be strictly about my family life and motherhood ?
Design ?
Home projects - ya know, if I never get to them ?
A little of each - and will that allow me to find a niche ?

I wonder the same thing about my shop.
What is my long term goal ?
What am I doing right ?
What am I doing wrong ?
What should I do next ?

And when you look at the best of the best - the people who have been doing this for years with their beautifully streamlined blog layouts and topics , their orders on Etsy in the thousands - you wonder ... how the heck will I ever get there ?

I guess the answer is , you just have to keep on truckin' .
Where you are is just where you need to be and whatever it is your chasing , you'll catch it eventually .
Wow - cheesy much ?

But seriously - love this quote and will be keeping it in mind as much as I can during this process .

- e

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