Friday, November 16, 2012

Say It Ain't So!


The title of this post could refer to so many , many things this week .

Like , for example , the fact that I haven't blogged AT ALL this week after vowing that I would .
I've learned not to say things like , " More on that tomorrow " because chances are , " tomorrow " really means 4 days from now . 

Another possibility - I just went to see the premiere of the very last Twilight film . Don't judge . It was amazing .

But in all seriousness , this week has been one of ups and downs - mostly downs - and those downs I'm really not ready to talk about on here yet .
But know that we are making it through and doing just fine .
The Lord has a plan for our sweet little family and I just need to learn some serious patience .

And now for the dreaded announcement . . . Hostess , the completely delicious brand that has provided us with the snack foods we love to hate because they're so darn yummy we just can't stay away from them in spite of the fact that they are in no way good for us . . . yes  Hostess, has closed it's doors .

My brother made the comment that Hostess was in danger of going out to business once I stopped bringing lunches to school or work .
Well , that happened last year , and look where they are now .
Bankrupt .

Yes , Ding Dongs have remained my go - to guilty pleasure that I feel absolutely no guilt over loving at all . I have loved them since elementary school when I did indeed bring them in my lunch every day . I loved them in college when all the other girls were eating microwaved veggies with spray butter and pretended to think my cream filled cakes were gross ( I saw you drooling when you looked my way ) . I loved them when I taught elementary school and my students would bring them as a treat for the class on their birthdays .
 I would hide the extras in my desk .
I have no shame .

So if you are my friend , you will go to your nearest grocery store and buy all of the Ding Dongs and send them my way .

In the meantime , I will be sitting in my house in the dark , wondering why bad things happen to good people .

- e 

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