Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love how delightfully curious Annie is .
Yes , it often results in major clean up on my part , but the wide-eyed look and huge grin that creeps across her face as she wreaks havoc on our house makes it totally worth it .


Those big , beautiful eyes get me every time .
Even when she's making a mess .
Next up , walking !
We have a stubborn girl on our hands . When she wants to get something she wants it right then , so taking the time to walk while holding Mommy's hands is kind of out of the question .
I know every baby has their own timetable , so I'm trying not to get stressed !
Just thinking about the upcoming months and everything that we have going on :
Annie turns one !!!
My in - laws are coming home for their mission
Trip to Dallas for Annie's first birthday and my in - laws homecoming
Many family reunions
Painting our house and doing other projects
My parents are visiting in Park City for five weeks
San Fransisco with friends
Seattle with friends
My brother and sister - in - law are coming to Utah for school
And then I head to Dallas for four months of work , during which we will be doing lots of back and forth and more fun trips !
The next few months are going to fly .
Taking it one day at a time and enjoying every moment .
- e

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