Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Camera Search and a Sick Babe

I have been desperately wanting a new , higher quality camera for a while now . . . pretty much since Annie was born.

The problem is , I know nothing about cameras , so I have absolutely no idea which ones are the most "user-friendly" or would be good for a beginner . I don't even know how to go about researching something like this.

I took to my blogs and looked through posts of the bloggers whose photos I most admire . . . only to find that the cameras they use are far out of my price range and I'm sure beyond my skill level .

I did find that one of them started off with this camera and was quite happy with it :

The Nikon D40.
 I am considering purchasing one of these used on Craigslist for a much cheaper price and seeing how I like it for a while.

Anyone out there know anything about these cameras ?
Or do you have a different suggestion ?

On a different note, baby girl has been sick all week , so most of our days have looked like this :




You definitely know they're not feeling good when they keep their head on your shoulder through most of a swim class that they usually love.

I absolutely hate when Annie isn't feeling well.
It is such a helpless feeling.
I just want to take away any discomfort she might have.
And if that means letting her lay on my chest for hours because that is the only way she can sleep , I'll lay here for as many as it takes.

If there were a day to lay inside and do nothing, today would be it.
The sun is hiding and temperatures have dropped to sweater weather.
Ahh June in Utah.
Now all we need is some take out , a movie , and a daddy to snuggle with and things could be pretty near perfect.

Don't worry baby girl , you won't miss a single day of summer fun.
And if you do, mama will definitely make up for it : )

- e

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  1. Let's chat about cameras. :) I have some suggestions for you!